About us

Stratford Skies and Media are a fully qualified, insured and CAA approved drone operator.

We can provide high Definition Stills, Training Videos, Commercial images in a range of sizes to suit all budgets.

Our videos are bespoke to your needs and can be produced in ultra high definition 4K. 

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and being a small family business can tailor make projects to suit all needs to the highest standards.

We offer single shot images of your premises, as well as multiple stock images which you may wish to use in brochures – websites – social media. The images are usually suggested by the client but we will of course take images which we think enhance the site and add to its story.


Internal and external images are available with a range of cameras in use – including drones, video and full frame stills.  The prints can be purchased directly or can be framed or purchased as a canvas print.


We take high definition images with ground based cameras and up to 4k with the drones. The images can be stills or video or even a mix of both is popular.


Training Films –


We offer bespoke training films for your operation, this allows specific hazards to be highlighted and dealt with prior to training and development of candidates. The films are shot on site and then post production adds the music and subtitles or voice over if required.

The training films cover such subjects as:


Electrical Forklift Trucks -Gas powered forklift trucks – Pedestrian trucks – Mobile elevated platforms – Manual Handling – Fire Induction – First Aid Induction –

New Driver operations - Refresher Driver Operations – Site picking and packing operations -Introduction to Industrial Strimmers – Ride on mowers =  to name a few.


Site Induction films –

Welcoming a new starter can be difficult when operations are at a peak. We are able to offer a video introduction to your site and the areas which new starters must pay attention to in order to remain safe and keep others safe on site.

The film contains elements such as layout, electrical sources, gas sources, first said stations, Charger bays , area where MHE operate, Workplace transport and welfare facilities. Each film can be adapted to the clients own requirements and specific instructions.


Site safety Film ( Reception) –

All visitors get the essential information to ensure their safety whilst visiting on site. These films can run on a continuous loop in reception or have site images displaying product, people and services during a break.

The site safety film covers from the car park to the offices and mentions key requirements such as signing in ( Fire Regulations )  - Contaminations risks ( Food Safety Law) general areas in which they can travel safely ( Health & Safety) as well as introduce them to areas like production areas without them actually going into those areas at times of heightened restrictions or due to operational pressures.


We can also produce Story boards for key tasks undertaken on site which allow the staff extra guidance and memory prompts when dealing with more complex or demanding procedures ( Food Safety / Equipment Checklists / Tractor operation etc).