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We offer a large range of drone photography options for varying clients needs.


We are a registered drone operator with the CAA and have been for some years. Each flight is individually assessed and paperwork and checks recorded when operating on site. We will inform any local Air Traffic Control which may be affected by our operations and will notify local interested parties if possible.

The drone footage allows high elevation shots of sites or premises which may show background, setting and places of interest.


Drones also complete tasks such as :


Hazard mapping – This allows company's to produce real time shots of their sites for fire and boundary information. Hazard mapping can be used at the start of expansion or construction projects. Some company’s use it as a guide to large gas storage or chemical stores.


Aerial survey – land assessment / boundary controls / structure and roofing checks, all are possible with the safe use of drones. The aerial survey role is both useful and relevant, keeping up to date information has never been easier.


Advertising films – Each company may wish to extol the virtues of its products, people and customers and what better way then via an advertising film. Once requiring big budgets from major players the drone has made films affordable and within easy reach of most companies.

Each advertising film is bespoke to the company and culture it represents – collecting images is only part of the operation. We can music and subtitles where required or simply let the images speak for themselves. The music is soft and melodic so as not to intrude on the images and distract the viewer.


Site images – Single or multiple site images from the drone allow the facilities to been seen in full which is not always possible from the ground.  The images allow a clear and transparent picture of all the elements of the site which come together to satisfy customer orders and requirements.


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