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Alasandra Prints / Images –  You can have a completed image or framed print for your site simply choose from the following:


Generic prints and images – these can include local scenes / International images which best convey a subtle message for your boardroom or reception areas. We have a large supply of stock items and will try to meet your requirements whenever possible. We will visit the area in which the prints will be displayed and advise you accordingly.


Bespoke prints and images – these reflect the working environment and cover the people , products, equipment and services of your choosing. Suitable for site display, web sites, brochures and social media the images will add to the brand recognition and help maintain focus and interest.


Panoramic prints – Panoramic prints allow the full impact of the picture in one striking image. Some are displayed individually others in a layered effect for extra impact. Simply choose the images and we happily offer advice if required.


Framed Prints – Prints can be purchased as Canvas / Framed or even bonded onto aluminium for stylish display.



We do not offer a hanging picture service at this time.